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Turkeys in Disguise



Students and their families worked together on the Turkey in Disguise Family Project.  Together, they disguised their turkey so he/she would make it safely through Thanksgiving.  Check out some of the awesome ideas. They did a great job!


Selection CheckboxPicture Size
Bat-Turkey and Olympic Medalist Turkey.JPG
Bat-Turkey and Olympic Medalist Turkey
2048 x 1536238 KB
Feathers and Sequins.JPG
Feathers and Sequins
2048 x 15361214 KB
Happy Birthday Turkey.JPG
Happy Birthday Turkey
2048 x 15361046 KB
Me a Turkey.JPG
Me a Turkey
2048 x 15361297 KB
Oh Turkey Tree.JPG
Oh Turkey Tree
2048 x 1536388 KB
Rah Rah Turkey.JPG
Rah Rah Turkey
2048 x 15361078 KB
Santa Turkey Meets Old MacTurkey.JPG
Santa Turkey Meets Old MacTurkey
2048 x 1536159 KB
Super Turkey Dog.JPG
Super Turkey Dog
2048 x 1536323 KB
Super Turkey!.JPG
Super Turkey!
2048 x 1536943 KB
Turkey in the Snow.JPG
Turkey in the Snow
2048 x 1536266 KB
TurkeyFly and Cutie Turkey.JPG
TurkeyFly and Cutie Turkey
2048 x 1536213 KB