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Mrs. Lavelle's 5th Grade Class > Reading > Unit 1: Fighting Back > Goin' Someplace Special  

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Goin' Someplace Special

Unit 1, Lesson 1:  Goin' Someplace Special



Vocabulary Words 

scald - To scald means to heat to a temperature just below the boiling point.

permission - Giving permission for something allows it to happen

autograph - An autograph is a person's signature.

fare - A fare is the price charged to transport, or more, a person.

blurted - If you have blurted out something, you said it suddenly, without thinking.

clenched - Something clenched is closed or squeezed together tightly.

approached - If you have approached something, hyou have come near it.

spectacular - Something that is spectacular is very unusual or remarkable.


Spelling Words

  • just
  • nick
  • tenth
  • shrug
  • stuff
  • sense
  • damp
  • cot
  • fling
  • notch
  • gush
  • scan
  • batch
  • rough
  • stump
  • tough
  • laugh
  • guess
  • lead
  • dove
  • past
  • dock
  • plum
  • cinch
  • blond



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