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8th Grade ELA Honors

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8th Grade ELA
8th Grade ELA Honors
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Honors 8th Grade ELA

     Listed below are the units and novels we will be covering in Honors 8th-grade ELA this year.  They are listed in the order they will be studied, although the schedule is tentative and subject to change.

     For an updated look at when units are being taught, please, click on the link for the course calendar at the bottom of the page.

Honors 8th-Grade ELA students will be using the newest edition of the Prentice Hall Literature book.  Click on a particular unit to go to that unit's outline.

Unit 1.1 – Making Predictions (Fiction)
Unit 1.2 – Determining Author’s Purpose (Nonfiction)
Unit 4.1 – Using Context Clues (Poetry)
Unit 4.2 – Strategies for Paraphrasing (Poetry)
Unit 2.2 – Making Inferences (Short Stories)
Unit 3.1 – Determining Main Idea (Nonfiction)
Unit 6.1 – Strategies for Summarizing (various genres)

Literary Criticism Unit

     Honors 8th-Grade ELA students will study the following novels, plays, and films this year.  Please, click on the titles to go to the unit outline.

To Kill a Mockingbird

12 Angry Men/Into the Woods

Fahrenheit 451


Million Dollar Baby




School District


Writing Workshop
     Students will complete four (4) writing workshops in which they must write one each of the following types of essays :

1. Descriptive
2. Narrative
3. Persuasive
4. Expository

     Materials for these workshops can be located HERE.
Writing Portfolios



S.A.T. Prep

     Lessons on grammar will be taught alongside the introduction of new S.A.T. words periodically throughout the year.  Please, see the Grammar & S.A.T. Lessons document library found on the side bar to the left of this page for more general lesson plans and materials.  For lesson dates, please, see the general school year calendar.