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Mrs. Rolph's 3rd Grade Classroom > Reading > Unit 2 > Henry Wells William G. Fargo  

Henry Wells William G. Fargo

Henry Wells and William G. Fargo

Spelling Words
1. account
2. trousers
3. rejoice
4. poison
5. outside
6. ground
7. enjoyment
8. destroy
9. employ
10. appoint
11. bounce
12. about
13. tower
14. plow
15. joint
16. founded
17. amount
18. bound
19. mountain
20. choice

Vocabulary Words:

  1. express: a fast system of delivering goods or mail 
  2. ambitious:  trying hard to succeed 
  3. establish:  to start, create, or begin 
  4. venture:  a risky new beginning 
  5. destination:  the place to which someone or something is supposed to go

Reading Skill:

Sequence- The order of events in a story.  Understanding the sequence helps readers to follow the plot better.  Writers often use signal words called time and order words to help readers follow the action in a story. 
             Order Words:  first, then, when, soon, finally
             Time Words:  spring, tomorrow, morning

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