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Mae Jemison

Mae Jemison: Space Scientist

Spelling Words
1. dynamite
2. flight
3. knight
4. pirate
5. tighten
6. type
7. style
8. rhyme
9. spite
10. supply
11. pilot
12. mile
13. midnight
14. icicle
15. skylight
16. decide
17. science
18. overnight
19. might
20. wired

Vocabulary Words:

  1. astronaut: a person who travels in space
  2. excelled:  did better than others 
  3. specialized:  concentrated on one activity or subject
  4. simulates:  imitates
  5. techniques:  ways of handling something

Reading Skill:

Main Idea and Details- The main idea is what the paragraph is about.  Often, but not always, a writer provides a clear topic sentence that states the main idea of the paragraph.  This sentence usually appears at the beginning or the end of a paragraph.  Supporting sentences provide details that tell more about the main idea.

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